Data Analytics

Graph Database Visualization

Modeling & Simulation

Starlight is an iCYLON Data-Driven Network Modeling and Simulation Tool

Simulation of ~4,500 Sites and ~40K Network Connections

ATLAS visualizes complex network data providing modeling and simulation capabilities to enhance network operations.

Cognitive Services

Cloud-Based Research Program to Enhance Face Recognition Algorithm

This Research Prototype is a part of iCYLON’s Machine Learning Strategy

Emerging Network Technologies

iCYLON Emerging Network Strategy

LoRa – Long Ranged Modulation


Space of Things (SoT)

What is SoT? iCYLON coined the term SoT and it is broken up into two parts. The first part is edge computing devices in space with wireless capabilities. The second is billions of of devices on earth that wirelessly connect with each other and with the edge computing devices.

Why is this important? In a remote part to the world there is no network connectivity. For sensors to be able to get information out there using SoT devices we can use a small amount of energy to establish a connection out there.

It gets really hot and cold depending on the location in space. This provides an ideal environment for collecting and utilizing large amounts of energy and heat for edge computing devices.

The speed of light in a vacuum is twice as fast as the speed of light in a medium. This makes latency speeds for much faster in space, which would be useful for the stock market or defense communications as they would be able to receive data much faster.

Chip Scale Phased Array Antenna

Chip Scale Atomic Clock (CSAC)

Internet of Things (IoT) and Embedded Development

ARM Embedded Development

Hardware Reverse Engineering

Software Reverse Engineering

Protocol Reverse Engineering

Cross-Domain / Multi-Domain Engineering

ForcePoint, AWS, and Azure Cross-Domain Solutions

Command Center Engineering

End-to-End Holistic Command Center Engineering

  • Data Feeds
  • Network Engineering
  • Video Distribution
  • Knowledge Walls
  • Federated Collaboration Environment / Tools
  • Indication & Warning (I&W) and Command & Control Operations

User Knowledge Management Platform

See the Story in Your Data Without Sacrificing Thoroughness or Speed

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Cyber Security

Semi-Conductor Chip Level Vulnerability Assessments

IoT Patents

Patent# 9779571

Patent# 10275967